Scirocco with Trafitek at the TrafficInfraTech in Mumbai!
TrafficInfraTech 2012 is the most important trade show on traffic technology in India. Trafitek, Scirocco's partner in India, participated with a stall to discuss ETC, Electronic Tolling Control, and various access control solutions for vehicles. The event was a success, it comfirmed its position as a leading trade show and many visitors also also stopped to learn more about solutions based on Scirocco.
UHF gen2 RFID for automatic weighing in Siberia!
Vital Electronics, Scirocco’s partner in Saint Petersburg, has integrated Scirocco Systems with TENRO weighbridges in Kemerovo, Siberia. During 2011, a number of installations have successfully been completed at opencast coal mines. After the vehicle identity has been verified through tag identification at distances of up to 7m, the weighing process is automatically initiated. Each Scirocco reader controls 4 fully independent antennas.
Scirocco launches the R630 'Universal' reader
Equipped with a powerful Linux processor, the newly launched R630 'Universal' reader provides speed and programming possibilities, besides valuable flexibility. This is used to easily introduce new applications or functions and to even further simplify the integration with the middleware by letting the reader fully adapt to it.
Swedish iron ore mining company LKAB adopted UHF system from Scirocco
The LKAB mine at Malmberget, Sweden, has installed Scirocco’s environment-friendly UHF passive tag system. Without batteries, the tags don’t require any maintenance so cost savings are significant. Scirocco readers, antennas and passive tags were swiftly installed and now serves day and night in the mine.
RFID from Scirocco for better health in Fredericia!
Scirocco, together with its partner RFID Specialisten, was chosen to supply the equipment a Danish bicycle project to promote a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Scirocco readers and antennas installed in strategic locations, as well as tags mounted on the bicycle wheel, it is possible to keep track of the bicycle's movements and thus reward the most active cyclists.
Scirocco RFID equipment for efficient access to 4 650 cars parking in Istanbul
At the Marmara Forum, Istanbul's largest and most innovative shopping centre, access/exit at about 20 lanes has now become hands-free and very fast as well as secure, thanks to Scirocco RFID equipment. Special Scirocco tags, similar to credit cards, are slid into a dedicated holder on the car windshield.
Scirocco enters the electronic road tolling market
Scirocco has won an order to supply two toll plazas that are being built along the National Highway 13 between Bijapur and Hungund in the Karnataka province in India. The project is based on our high-performance ISO 18000-6C standard UHF RFID system, with eight antennae/readers for the fast lanes, and a few thousands of Scirocco break on removal tags that will ensure that the right vehicle will always be charged.
Breakthrough for Scirocco in railway
After over two years of careful evaluation of UHF RFID systems from several manufacturers, the Swedish Transport Administration recently disclosed the result of a public procurement: Three vendors will supply RFID readers to the Swedish railway for automatic identification of trains, and Scirocco was well out in the published list of compliant suppliers.
First order with WLAN UHF readers
A Danish company has recently placed a major order for Scirocco's UHF system, the company's largest single order of products in this family so far. The project, which is the first in a planned series, includes readers with built-in wireless transmission facilities, ‘WLAN’. Scirocco's UHF system can thereby automatically and without any wired communications update a website on the internet with the tag readings.
Scirocco IR verification activities
As a follow-up to earlier delivery of the Scirocco IR system to the well reputed Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, Scirocco's partner now also sold the system to a leading car manufacturer in Germany for further verification.
Extensive environmental testing completed
As a final step on an 18 month long test program with in- and outdoor testing of Scirocco UHF readers and tags, including one and a half year of tests with Swedish freight- and passenger trains, Scirocco has completed formal environmental tests according to the railway standard for train-mounted equipment.
Repeat orders for parking access, Turkey
Scirocco has received its third substantial order for a vehicle access control installation in Turkey.
Scirocco UHF to the harbour of Alicante, Spain.
Scirocco has delivered a UHF system to the port of Alicante, Spain. The installation will enhance safe access to the port area and identifies the various vehicles at entry and exit.
Scirocco at Intertraffic 2010
Late March, Scirocco participated in Intertraffic Amsterdam 2010 - the largest Parking Exhibition in the world. Scirocco has spoken to customers and business partners and made consultations on further cooperation with these contacts.
Factory automation and truck scale installations with Scirocco IR
Scirocco IR has during 2009 manifested its usefulness in factory automation- and truck scale applications. The system has during the year been delivered for factory automation in USA and for truck scales in Sweden, Denmark and UK.
CE certification
Scirocco UHF has been granted a CE certificate by Notified Body.
Dumper-mounted UHF system installation in France
Our first UHF installation in France, a trial where different types of soil are mixed and processed in large scale for optimal soil cultivation, will now be extended.
Scirocco UHF verified for high-speed vehicle identification
Tests by the Swedish Rail Administration indicates that UHF tags and readers from Scirocco meet the requirements prescribed by the Freightwise project within EU's 6th Framework Programme.
Scirocco IR ordered for waste container identification in Sweden
Fortum Värme in Stockholm is about to use Scirocco IR for improved waste container logistics.
More industrial weighing applications with Scirocco IR
Cemex goes for Scirocco IR in truck-scale application UK.
Heavy Duty reader launched and ordered
Launch and first commercial order of Scirocco IRID Heavy Duty readers.
Cement producer installs Scirocco IRID
Denmarks leading cement producer Aalborg-Portland adopts Scirocco IRID for managing of its transportation vehicles.
Identification of Spanish police motorcycles
Spanish police goes for Scirocco IRID as a perfect complement to vision cameras for police motorcycle identification at police-station entries and exits.
RFID Journal has in-depth article on IRID
RFID Journal writes an in-depth article about the Höganäs project.
Identifying metal barcodes with a coded infrared beam
Scirocco has developed an innovative solution to identify car-bodies in extreme environments, such as automotive paint-lines.
Fuel management system for trucks with Scirocco IRID
Scirocco receives its first order from USA, to identify trucks at dispensers in fuelling islands.
Höganäs expands its Scirocco IRID installation
After three months positive experience in running a process line with Scirocco IRID, Höganäs orders a major IRID extension.
Scirocco IRID nominated for prestigious prize
Article in electronics magazine Elektronik i Norden describes Scirocco’s infrared identification technology in view of Scirocco's nomination to the Embedded Electronics Price 2006.
Scirocco makes IPO and listing in Stockholm
Initial Public Offering brings about 1.6 million Euro and 600 new shareholders to Scirocco.
Scirocco in leading technical magazine Ny Teknik
Ny Teknik has a full-page article in its Automation exhibit with details about Scirocco IRID and how Scirocco is about to enter the automation market.

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